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How to clear CS Executive in 1st attempt

How to clear CS Executive in 1st attempt – Tips by a first time qualified Company Secretary.

Company Secretary is one of the most on demand profession at this stage. It goes without saying that once you become a Company secretary you will have a lucrative job in your lap immediately. The companies are waiting to employ CS and mostly the supply is always less than the demand.

Now, you would have definitely enrolled yourself with ICSI and have taken the decision to pursue Company Secretary Course. Congratulations on this decision! You are either a direct entry student or you have cleared your CSEET and then come for this level.

Let’s understand how to clear this CS Executive stage in the first attempt. Most of the students feel that clearing CS takes multiple attempts and it’s not for average students. However, this is far from truth. Let me bust this biggest myth once and for all. A lot of students (Yes, even the average ones) clear the company secretary exams at first attempt and achieve their dream Goal.

Let me tell you all one more secret. Any student who clears CS executive level will surely clear the Cs professional level also. Executive is one of the most difficult level according to a lot of students. So let’s understand various strategies on how to clear CS Executive in the 1st attempt.

There are 8 subjects split into 2 Modules in this level.

CS Executive Examination Syllabus

Module 1

1. Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws Constitution of India, Law of Torts, Interpretation of Statutes & Other General Laws (Limitation, Specific Relief, Evidence, Stamp, Registration, General Clauses, CPC, CrPC, Arbitration, RTI)
2. Company Law Part A: Company – Law, Principles and Concepts, Companies Act, 2013 except areas covered in Paper 3 and other papers in professional paper (50 Marks)

Part B: Company Administration and Meetings- Law and Practices (Directors, KMP, Board and General Meetings, Secretarial Standards) (40 Marks)

Part C : Company Secretary as a profession (10 Marks)

Setting up of Business Entities & Closure
Part A : Setting up of Business (40 Marks)
1)    Setting up of various types of business& other Entities
2)    Setting up of professional firms
3)    Setting up of business outside IndiaPart B: Registration, Licence & Compliances (35 Marks)

Part C : Insolvency, Liquidation & Closure of Business (25 Marks)

4. Tax Laws

(MCQ PAPER with Negative marking of 0.25)

Part A: Direct Taxes (50 marks)
Part B: Indirect Taxes-Goods and Services Tax (50 Marks)

Module 2

5. Corporate & Management Accounting

(MCQ PAPER with Negative marking of 0.25)

Part A: Corporate Accounting (40 Marks)

Part B: Accounting Standards (15 Marks)

Part C: Concept and Principles of Valuation (20 Marks)

Part D: Cost & Management Accounting (25 marks)

6. Securities Laws & Capital Markets Part A: Securities Laws (80 Marks)

Part B: Capital Markets & Intermediaries (20 Marks)

Economic, Business and Commercial Laws
Part A: Foreign Exchange Management & NBFCs (40 Marks)

Part B: Competition Law (25 marks)

Part C: Business and Commercial Laws (35 Marks)

8. Financial and Strategic Management

(MCQ PAPER with Negative marking of 0.25)

Part A: Financial Management (60marks)

Part B: Strategic Management (40 marks)

As mentioned above, there are three papers which are of MCQ Pattern. However, due to negative marking it’s tricky, so do not take these papers lightly.

The various strategies which can be used to clear the CS Executive level is given below:-


Who should follow this strategy?

  • College going students, who have a hectic college life with long timings and lot of projects, semester exams etc.
  • Working Professionals/students who cannot afford to take leave from their office due to study reasons. (CS Trainees are not included here).
  • Students who are pursuing some other degree/ course also along with CS. (For eg LLB, MBA etc)
  • New mothers who cannot manage to put in long study hours
  • Any other students who for some personal reasons cannot afford to study for more than 2-3hrs a day.


Who should follow this strategy?

  • Full time CS Students. If you are studying for CS and are not involved in anything else.
  • You have always been an exceptionally bright and hardworking student and can easily manage the huge syllabus
  • You have the ambition to get an All India Rank. (Students who appear for both modules only stand a chance to get an All India Rank).

Plan to clear in first attempt.

These tips will help you clear the module. It’s better to appear for Module 1 first as it has the core subjects of a CS. However, appearing for Module 2 initially is also not an issue. Follow these inputs and prepare:-

  1. Stick to ICSI Study Material

Your institute study material is exhaustive and well structured. All the questions would be asked from this only. So stick to the material and Suchitra/Taxmann Scanner. A lot of Coaching Institutes provide their own study material too. These study materials can be used with caution. For eg if you are studying from the same institute then you can use those. However make sure that the material gives an exhaustive coverage and has not skipped important topics.

We too provide our own study material and the reason is simple, we give the material a colorful look, structure and simplify few topics, highlight important sentences and summarize some topics.


  1. Focus on Conceptual Clarity

The concepts of every topic should be crystal clear. Trust me mugging up does not help at all. Take help to understand the topics in depth from your Coach/Teacher, Senior or YouTube.

  1. Make Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes really helps our brain to retain the information as compared to printed/typed notes. I would suggest using a RED colour pen to write in the corners of your books/pdf notes. Red colour makes your brain sit up and pay special attention. Have a separate note book for elaborate notes and writing answers for mock questions after studying every chapter.


  1. Chapter wise & Full Subject Mock Exams

Write as many Mock exams as possible in an exam like atmosphere while maintaining proper timing. Trust me this is the single most important factor when it comes to scoring well in the exams.


  1. Focus – Time Management – Sticking to schedule

Making a schedule is half the work done but sticking to the schedule even by 85 – 90% is a huge achievement. If you are able to focus and stick to your schedule then voila! Manage your time well. Cut the distractions and focus on the Only Goal of your Life for the time being & that is to become a CS!

We have a team of trained CA/CS/CMA and various other industry experts who have been delivering results from past 8years and making sure that students get a holistic growth in their career. Our Online/Offline classes are augmented by well researched study material, Practice tests, Chapter wise quick teaser tests, Mock exams, Cumulative Revision methodology and Real-life based sessions/Industry visits. Career coach & Mentorship has built the career of many of our students.

Our Guaranteed placement for trainees & Fresher CS has always been well appreciated.


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