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How to clear CSEET in 30 days? 100% PASS in CSEET in 1st attempt

CSEET is the qualifying entrance test for registration to the CS Executive Programme conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

This blog is about How to clear CSEET in 30days & Pass CSEET in 1st Attempt.

Table Of Contents

·        Passing criteria for CSEET

·        Understanding the syllabus of CSEET

·        Study Methodology to clear CSEET

·        How to prepare for CSEET – Reference reading material

·        How to prepare for CSEET – E-bulletins & journals

·        How to clear CSEET in 30 days – Study plan

·        100% PASS in CSEET in 1st Attempt – 3 Most important Thing

  • Passing criteria for CSEET

ICSI has established a passing criteria for CSEET which is minimum of 40% marks in each paper i.e., Paper- 1 to Paper 4 separately , and 50% marks in aggregate of all papers put together for passing the Test . There will be no negative marking for wrong answers. The minimum CS Executive Entrance Test percentage to be scored is 50% i.e. 100 marks on a total of 200 marks.

  • The new break up for computer based CSEET in MCQ pattern of 120 minuteswould be as under
S.NO Subjects No. of Questions Marks
1. Business Communication 35 50
2. Legal Aptitude & Logical Reasoning 35 50
3. Economic & Business Environment 35 50
4. Current Affairs, Presentation and communication skills 35 50
  TOTAL 140 200


Understanding the syllabus of CSEET

Candidates before starting their preparations for the exam must thoroughly go through the CSEET syllabus.

Going through the CSEET syllabus will help candidates to know what all topics and subtopics to be covered in the exam.

ICSI has released the CSEET syllabus for all the four papers — Business Communication, Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, Economic and Business Environment and Current Affairs.

ICSI has also prescribed the proportion of marks which will be allocated to each section of the subject(topic wise). So its easy for students to understand which topics are important from exam perspective and prepare accordingly.

Business Communication Essentials of good English Communication

Business Correspondence

Legal Aptitude & logical Reasoning Constitution of India, Indian Contract Act & Law of torts, Elements of CS Legislation, Elements of Company Law. Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning & Non verbal reasoning
Economic & Business Environment Basics of Demand and supply, Forms of market competition, National Income Accounting and related concepts, Indian Union Budget, Indian Financial Markets , Indian Economy, Indian Economy Business Environment, Key Government Institutions
Current affairs, Presentation and communication skills Current Affairs of National and International Significance Presentation skills Written Communication Skills, Oral Communication Skills


Study Methodology to clear CSEET

  1. Understand the syllabus & passing criteria
  2. Making a study plan according to the number of days left.
  3. Studying from the right books, journals and bulletins.
  4. Enrolling in a coaching Institute/online classes/taking the help of a teacher or a mentor/
  5. Practising MCQ (via books/pdf/test series on apps) and understanding the portions which need more practice
  6. Self-study & Discipline.

How to prepare for CSEET – Reference reading material

ICSI has prescribed reference reading material on its website which students can refer for their preparation. ICSI has started providing the hardcopy of the books also. These books give an exhaustive coverage of the syllabus. Few more reference book can be used.

How to prepare for CSEET – E-bulletins & journals

Just studying from reference reading material is not enough. ICSI releases CSEET – E bulletins & journal which is mandatory for every student to go through. This ensures getting better marks and being aware of a lot of topics and questions not covered in the reading material.

How to clear CSEET in 30 days – Study plan

Create a detailed study plan for the 30days. If you have not started studying at all then this is high time to start studying for CSEET.

If you have enrolled for any online classes/ recorded class then spend 3-4 hours per day in watch the lectures of atleast two subjects. Combine 1 easy n 1 tough paper. For eg students find logical reasoning, economics and some topics of legal aptitude difficult but they find communication and current affairs easier.

After doing the classes, spend 4 hours for self-studies. Break down the entire syllabus in chapters and topics and make a plan to finish a certain number of topics every day.

Keep aside 30-40mins per day to solve MCQ also.

100% PASS in CSEET in 1st Attempt – 3 Most important Thing

The three most important things to clear CSEET in the 1st attempt are the following:

  1. Enroll with a good coaching institute or have a study partner.

This ensures that the student stays constant and disciplined with their approach towards studying. Also it ensures that students get timely guidance and help for the difficult topics in the CSEET syllabus.

  1. Appear for MOCK Exams and practice MCQ Questions.

Try to appear for as many MOCK exams as possible with your coaching academy or on FREE TEST SERIES available on many websites and apps. Also practice as many MCQ questions as possible from books, e-bulletins etc. You can find a lot of resources on free telegram groups too.

  1. Self-study with focus and discipline.

Self study is the most important part for clearing any exam. It does not make any difference on how good the coaching is or how amazing the teacher teaches you. Ultimately, you can retain the information only if you study diligently yourself. Focus and discipline is the key to concentrate and get good results. All the best!

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